The Problem
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The Problem

Why does it have to be so hard and so expensive to get a good, profitable website running?”

The honest answer? It should be easy and not too expensive!

But there are so many people out there who are willing to take your money (lots of your money) to do the job for you.

Bill’s Bank Account was Attacked!

One of my friends, Bill, told me an interesting story. (I won’t reveal his name, but he’s a nationally known professional speaker. It wouldn’t surprise me if you have heard him speak.)

Bill invested about $30,000 to have a beautiful website to sell his products and services. It was beautiful, but it didn’t work very well. And Bill was out 30 grand.

So Bill hired another designer. Another 30 grand. This one was really fancy. Flash openings, streaming audio and video. Wow! It looked great. Still didn’t sell anything.

Last time I heard Bill talk about his website, he was looking for another designer. It seems his site didn’t earn much, and his designer took weeks to make changes that needed to be done right away.

I’ve been designing my own websites since 1997. So people come to me with questions when they want to do a website.

Ted’s Great Frustration

Not too long ago I sent an email to Ted, another professional speaker. The email was returned to me, so I called Ted to tell him his mailbox was full. His response was frustration. He said his email didn’t work and his whole website was a disaster. All it was showing was an “Under Construction” page. The people who were supposed to make it work were not getting it done. And he asked if I would help him fix it.

You might call me a techie, when it comes to computers and the internet. I’m enough of a nerd that I understand this stuff. Most people don’t, and if they do, they don’t have the time to deal with it all.

So I could probably get a lot of business consulting people and companies on developing their websites. However, that’s not my business.

Nancy’s been waiting a whole year!

Not long ago I heard from my friend Nancy. She has contracted with a leading vendor in her field for a website, but has been waiting over a year and still has nothing. She’s desperate. She called and said, “Rich, they’re not getting anywhere. I’ve paid them a bunch of money, but now I ‘m calling you because I just need to get something going.”

You see, she talked to a mutual friend who had a website up in 48 hours. She’s been waiting a whole year! (It’s partly her fault for not getting them the information they need. She needs to do it herself the easy way.)

And I’m more concerned about protecting your wallet. I don’t want you to have Bill’s experience. Or Ted’s. Or Nancy’s.

So, I created the easy-to-read book, Internet Business Magic, full of the answers you need.

It reveals intimate knowledge of the successful business model created by Walt Disney, and applies it to a modern internet business. Once you read that book, you’ll come back to this website to discover the up-to-date technical resources and information you need to actually get your business online.

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