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Internet Business Magic
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The Book

Internet Business Magic: Using Disney’s Magic Strategy in Your Own Online Business
by Rich Hamilton

Let the Genius of Walt Disney Help You Enjoy Online Success

Walt Disney was an innovator and would have embraced the internet. In this book, by a Disney outsider who has studied Disney’s business methods extensively, you will learn how to put Disney’s most powerful success secrets to work in your online business. This amazing book links to an internet website; put the planet’s top resources to work making your online business successful.

Internet Business Magic:
Using Disney’s Magic Strategy in Your Own Online Business
by Rich Hamilton
ISBN 0972847618
Pub. SellBetter Tools, April, 2004, 96 pp.
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In this book you will discover:

  • Disney business strategies that you can put to work online for any size business
  • The Disney secret that will make your website interesting to visitors
  • The ‘real’ search engine strategy
  • Four ways to make money with your website
  • You don’t have to be a ‘techie’ to build a great website

What People Are Saying About
Internet Business Magic…

“Internet Business Magic simplifies the whole process of developing an online business.”
–David Rayl, internet database specialist

“Finally, a business approach to a technical subject that anyone can understand.”
–Richard Davis, internet systems consultant

“By following the search engine strategy in Internet Business Magic, I was able to improve my rankings from not being found at all to showing up in the top ten of several searches where we want to appear. Read this book and do what it says. It is, indeed, magic!”
-Neil Dempster, Clearview Performance Systems

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The Table of Contents

  • Section 1: Foundation
  • You compete with Disney
  • What is the internet?
  • Disney’s success can lead you to your own success 23

  • Section 2: Internet Business Strategy

  • Put on a Good Show
  • It’s just another channel
  • Your own domain
  • Get your own email address
  • What works on the internet today?
  • Do you need a big website?
  • How will your guests find your website?
  • The “real” search engine strategy
  • Odds are, they don’t want to buy
  • Sell what they want, not what they need
  • Selling products through affiliate programs
  • Guestology closes the loop
  • Collect testimonials
  • Make it easy to buy

  • Section 3: Implementation

  • Who should plan your internet business, and how?
  • Who should build your website?
  • It’s easy, one day at a time!
  • Let’s roll…

  • Suggested Reading

  • Index

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