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Search Engine Strategy

The search engine strategy that’s covered in Internet Business Magic should serve you well.

One businessman told me recently, “I bought a service that was supposed to give me great search engine rankings. My listing wasn’t too bad when I started, but when I ran my website through that service, my listings disappeared! Then I read your book, and did what it said. Within a week, my search engine rank improved dramatically.”

In the book, I told you about a website where you can submit your site and it will improve your rank dramatically, because lots of search engines get their information from this one website. That’s still true, and the web address in the book is accurate.

But one caveat: Don’t submit your website there until it’s pretty much what you want it to be, or you’ll get “ranked” according to what you don’t have. And they don’t reevaluate often, if ever.

The Search Phrase Tool

The search phrase tool described in the book no linger works very well, but you might like the WordTracker service:

WordTracker Free Keyword Suggestion Tool

If you like that service, their paid service offers a lot more.

An Amazing Secret: Blogs

Here’s a secret that’s not included in the book: Search engines love blogs!

Not long ago I opened up a “secret” website, just to test some CMS and blog programs. I didn’t tell anyone about it. I didn’t submit it to any search engines. I didn’t link to it from any other websites.

Two days later, I was doing a Yahoo! search, and an article I had posted on my “test” website popped up as number two in the list. (The article was a duplicate copied from another of my websites. The original didn’t show up in the first four pages of returns, which was as far as I looked.)

Yahoo had found my website, indexed the article, and they gave it a high ranking.

How do you make that work for you? There may be several ways, but the easiest and most useful is to set up your entire website as a CMS/blog, using WordPress blog software. Then create articles for it that relate to your target search phrases.

To set one up the easy way, look at Hosting.

Pay Per Click

Useful Pay Per Click search engines are:

  1. Google Adwords
  2. Overture/Yahoo

Exchange links with other websites

Trading links with other websites used to be a powerful way to get traffic.

Google figured that out, however, and link trading may hurt you more than it helps.

Logical referrals between websites make sense, however, and Google’s computers are smart enough to figure it out.

There is big power when other websites link to you. When Google and other search engines see that other appropriate websites have links to you, it increases the ranking that they give you.

Example: I’m a member of several associations who put links to my website on their websites. That helps my search engine rankings.

Likewise, my listing at points back to my website, which helps me.