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Creating your own online newsletter may be one of the most powerful tool you can do. Gather email addresses online, and send out a newsletter about once a month.

Here are several useful tips for doing a newsletter:

  1. Put a subscription form on every page of your website. Originally, I had a link on each page; when I changed to a form on each page, I started getting dramatically more subscriptions. (That’s why there’s a sign-up form at the bottom of this page.)

  2. Keep it relatively short. With one “long” newsletter I get, the writer uses a “form letter” that include links and suggestions that end up in every issue. Buried inside is the good stuff. Sometimes I search for the good stuff. Most of the time I just delete it.

  3. Avoid certain words: free, unsubscribe. They trigger spam filtering software and may cause your email to not reach your subscriber.

  4. If you’re sending an email or newsletter to your customers or subscriber list, get a “Spam Check” Report. You want to be sure that your mail isn’t automatically stuffed in the “Junk Mail Folder.” (There’s a button in the SellBetter ToolBox email broadcast system that will run this test for you.)

  5. To manage your mailing lists and send your newsletters, use an autoresponder account at SellBetter ToolBox.