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Email Addresses

In the chapter, “Get your own email address,” I explain why you don’t want to use an address like:, or

It promotes the ISP, not you, and if you ever need to change internet service providers, you’re going to throw away all your advertising and business contacts that had your old address. (Sure, you can try to tell them your new address, but they’re likely to lose that.)

Your email address should take the form of:

You can do that as part of your website when you get it set up, or, if you’re not ready to do that just yet, register a domain where you can get email or email forwarding. will host your email. For under $10 a year, you can register your domain and they will handle your email account. It can be a “hosted account,” where they hold your mail until you want to see it with your computer. Or, they will forward your email to your current email box.

You then set up your email to go out with your new address (at your domain) as the “From” address.

With your domain registration, they will actually host one email address for you, and forward several other addresses through that domain to whatever address you want. All while your domain is “parked,” waiting for the day you want to use the domain for a website.

For actual web hosting (the computer which holds your web pages and serves them to web-surfers), I also recommend Cinderella Domains. See Hosting