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Easy Little Websites

We wanted to give you a truly easy way to create a single-purpose website, one that’s focused on making a sale, getting an email address, or making a point. But there wasn’t an easy way to be found!

So we created EasyLittleWebsites.com.

Easy Little Websites does three things for you…

  1. It helps you write your sales message. And it helps you write headlines. (If you need help; if not, you just type your sales message)

  2. It creates (and hosts) your web page. You can have your page appear on your own hosted web account, or you can have your domain registrar forward to the page we host. Or… just use direct links to the page we host for you.

  3. It constantly makes your web page more effective. By automatically testing headlines and testimonials, it actually changes your page over time to make it work better.

There’s nothing better than a demonstration. So we created a demonstration video that shows how you can quickly and easily create a web page.

Get the full story at EasyLittleWebsites.com.