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Your domain name is your website address. For example, this website is:

You can register a domain name several places. It used to cost about $35 a year, but competition has brought it down to under $10 a year.

Millions of domains have been registered, but you can still find a good one for your business if you’ll just use a little patience. In Internet Business Magic, the chapter titled “Your Own Domain” will cover the points you need to know to get a good one.

Your hosting company will probably be happy to register your domain for you.

There may be times you want to register additional names, in case you want to “reserve” a name for your next website, or when you want to point other domains at your existing website. That’s called “forwarding.” As an example of forwarding, you can try to go to You will immediately be redirected to one of my websites.

When I register names, I use… whether you want a domain for an email account, for email forwarding, for redirecting people to a different site, or if you’re building your own sites, this is a bargain. Ten bucks and they give you email forwarding and domain forwarding for free.

Not long ago a friend emailed with this request:

I think I’ve finally come up with a name for my company and web site that says what I want it to say and isn’t already taken. So, I want to buy it. However, I don’t think I’m ready to proceed with a web site yet, mainly because I don’t know what to put there. How do I proceed to at least register my domain name?

I told her to register with, then I advised:

Even while you have your domain “parked,” you can begin to use it for email and just have email to forwarded to your current email account. And you can set your email client (Outlook, Eudora, etc.) to use that address as your “from” address. So you can begin to wean yourself away from Earthlink, even as you continue to use them.