Creating Product
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Creating Product

If you don’t already have a profitable product, create one! When your own product is ready, you add it to your website.

One way to develop a product is to create a quality information product, based on some kind of information you already know, have available, or can easily come by. Sounds impossible? Not as tough as you might think. The trick is knowing a few secrets about how to approach the project.

Selling How-To Information

Jeffrey Lant’s book, How to Make a Whole Lot More Than $1,000,000 Writing, Commissioning, Publishing, and Selling How To Information, provides a blueprint for setting up an information business. When I first read it, it seemed like there was a lot of hype, but as I really got into the book I discovered it’s got a doable gameplan for creating products. Jeffrey has several books available, but this one pretty well sums up what you need to know, so my recommendation is to stick with this one. Get it at Amazon.

There are several kinds of information products you can create:

  • Books. Check Author a Book.

  • CDs.

  • DVDs.

  • Special Reports.

  • Resource Lists.

Creating Store-Quality CDs and DVDs

When you need CDs or DVDs in quantity, you’ll get lots of help and a good price at Master Duplicating or at DiscMakers.

When you need CDs or DVDs “one-off” so you can have them make one at a time and ship directly to your customer, you need Kunaki.

Do I have to sell information?

No! You can sell almost anything online!

I even buy grease for my garage door opener online.