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Autoresponders are one of the magical tools of the internet. They make it possible for you to quickly create a relationship with your website visitor, by providing information and timed followup communication over a period of days, weeks, even months.

Remember, your website guest probably doesn’t want to buy. Not yet. And when they do, they will have forgotten you.

So you need to create a relationship… fast!

Never Use an email Autoresponder!

Here’s an important warning. I know a guy who set up his email to respond to incoming mail with an “I’m out of town and will return Wednesday the 15th” kind of answer. Then he went on vacation. When he returned two weeks later, his email address had been blacklisted by spam filter services, and he had never sent a message.

Ahh… but while he was away he received spam, from a spammer who “pirated” someone else’s email address. And that address just happened to be a test mailbox that anti-spam companies set up to catch spammers. They never mail from it… but if anything shows up in the box they know it comes from a mailer who is generating email addresses.

My guy was caught because he received spam, with a phony return address. His autoresponder sent out the “on vacation” message to the phony address, and he was blacklisted. That’s what an email autoresponder does. It responds to an email, with an email.

The lesson: Never use an autoresponder that responds to an email you receive. Instead, have folks sign up on your website.

And think of a modern autoresponder as an automated mailer.

Never, ever, send spam.

What is spam? It’s unwanted, unsolicited email.

I have a friend who hates spam, and would never send spam. Yet he compiled a list of 4000 people in his target industry (from an association’s website) and added them to his email list.

He doesn’t connect that action to spam. But it is. They didn’t ask to get on his mailing list.

Use a double opt-in system.

That means they ask to get on, you send them a confirming email and have to click a link to confirm the request. It keeps crazy cousin Johnny from adding everyone he knows to someone’s email list.

And keep a copy of their subscription request. When I get a subscription, I get an email. And it has the website where they saw my offer, and their IP address. It’s barely-useful information, but real helpful if they later complain you’re spamming.

It’s also good to use an autoresponder service that tracks these things for you. SellBetter ToolBox does that. They track the original request, and the confirming click. So they’ll help defend you against a spam complaint because they capture the information.

Promote, promote, promote!

To get people to opt-in, promote your email list at every opportunity. Put it on the bottom of every page on your website. Put a reason to sign up on your business cards, in brochures, on your letterhead. Put it on stickers and stick them on packages you mail.

Do more than just listing your website. Give them a reason, a gift, an offer:

Free! 12 Success Secrets used by Walt Disney when he built Disneyland:

That’s one of mine. I send out the 12 secrets as the first copy of my newsletter. Think about what you can offer.

Autoresponders should be tied to your ecommerce system!

When someone makes a purchase, your ecommerce system should trigger a “sequence” of email to thank the customer and provide customer service. This can be a sequence of general emails, or it can be product specific. It’s too easy to forget this. And it’s also easy to set up so your computer systems take care of you. Far better and more efficiently than staff ever would. (SellBetter ToolBox does this very nicely.)

Ready to do it right? Here’s the best service I know to get that done:

SellBetter ToolBox. A follow-up sequential “smart” autoresponder enables you to effectively communicate with your leads on a yearly, monthly, weekly or even daily basis, or to send out online courses. It’s 100% automatic. It instantly delivers messages to your prospects and follows up with them at preset time intervals.

They send out eight to 12 million emails every day. No spam.