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Audio and Video

Putting audio and video on your website can be simple or complex. Luckily, the better and more complex methods are handled by service companies who take all the pain out of it. Let’s look at the various methods:


The simplest way to put audio or video on your website is to transfer a properly formatted file to your website, and place a link to that file on your webpage.

This “simple” method is great, but it assumes you can properly format the file, transfer it to the website, and expect your user to have the necessary software on their computer to play it. (That might be RealPlayer, QuickTime, Microsoft Media Player, or something else.)

There’s a better way. And 98% of computers are already set up with the software to do it. It’s called “Flash.”


What if your website could talk?

The human voice has the power to influence, motivate, and persuade prospects to click “Order Now” buttons faster and with less resistance. Here’s a best-kept secret to dramatically increase website pulling-power and suck MORE cash out of targeted traffic!

With one click, you get 24-hour access to record an unlimited number of audio testimonials, descriptions, stories, or whatever, day after day, month after month … and instantly upload them to your Website(s) by simply cutting and pasting a single line of text!

You’ll learn more about it at AudioGenerator.

Using a WordPress website?

Download the Audio Player plugin and install it on your website. It’s very cool, and it’s free.

You’ll need to be able to “tweak” your mp3 files so they load quickly and still have good quality audio. For that, I recommend MP3 Tweak.

There are other ways to put audio on your website, with no monthly fee.

Have a look at Sonic Memo Pro.

To record audio, we recommend the Zoom H4 Handy Recorder.

Or edit audio right at your computer with Audacity.


Video is all the talk today among internet marketers. But don’t get fooled.

Sixty years ago radio broadcasters feared television would put them out of business. Today there are ten times as many radio stations as there were then!

How come?

Not everything looks that good in video.

And it takes a video production budget to get it right.

I know, some disagree with me. Well, I’m an old radio broadcaster, and this is my opinion!

Also, vVideo files are bigger, and require additional handling. If you want to deliver a video for training, demonstration, or to sample certain services, and you’re unable to successfully handle it on your website, you need a video hosting service.

The best I’ve found is InstantVideoGenerator. It’s the quickest, and easiest way to do streaming video. Unlike most video services that require installation of special video software, most users will find this just works! Over 93 percent of Internet-connected PCs are ready to quickly load play your video, with no need for additional plug-in downloads. For more information, click here.