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Affiliate Programs

There are two sides to affiliate programs, and we’re going to look at both.

Affiliate with another website, and sell their products

One way to have a product is selling someone else’s product. For many people, a quality affiliate program provides a wonderful opportunity to earn income on the internet. Simply refers people to someone else’s website and product and earn a commission on those sales.

Registration costs nothing and anyone with enthusiasm and commitment can succeed. Representing high-value products or services as an affiliate is a great way to make some extra (even substantial) cash. Surfers will always often recommendations that put the customer’s needs and wishes first so it’s not difficult to earn commission income.

Of course, you only want to recommend someone who you think is reputable and has a good product.

There are thousands of affiliate programs; only a few are worth your efforts. We suggest you find affiliate programs with firms where you already do business.

Your own affiliate program

Set up your own affiliate program. This may be the ultimate marketing secret on the internet. With a referral commission, entice other websites to recommend your website and products to their users.

One of the most powerful things you can do is create an affiliate program of your own, and promote it to people with related websites to get them to refer people to your business.

Imagine this… 5000 websites sign up with you, promising to promote your products in return for a referral commission.

Most of those affiliates will do little, because they don’t have much traffic, or because they don’t promote it very well (or at all). But a few will do really well.

Suppose one per cent of those who sign up, 50 websites, pull lots of traffic and send three visitors to your website each day. And suppose one of six of those visitors buy your product. That’s 25 sales a day… over 9,000 sales a year that you would not have had otherwise.

Several things have to happen to make that possible, of course:

  1. You have to promote the program so you get 5000 affiliates. That takes promotion, and an attractive program.
  2. You have to give those affiliates a little online help so it’s easy for them to promote your product.
  3. You have to successfully convert your referred guests into buyers.

The best way to learn how to put together a good affiliate program is to examine a good one, and learn how to be a good affiliate yourself.

Then, you need to automate the process online so you effectively track referred visitors and properly credit sales to the referring affiliates. That will involve your shopping cart and credit card acceptance methods, as well as your hosting company and website design. Then pay commissions promptly so your affiliates get excited and promote your products even more enthusiastically.

If this is part of your plan, you’ll want to be sure your ecommerce system is set up to handle the paperwork automatically.

The easiest way we know to do this is with SellBetter ToolBox.

The best systems will track a two-tier affiliate commission, so that your affiliates will promote others to become affiliates.