Internet Business Magic
Resources for readers of the amazing book by Rich Hamilton…


In Internet Business Magic you were promised technical resources and additional information. That’s all here, where we can keep it up to date as things change. And things are always changing in technology.

Some of these you’ve heard of before. Hopefully, as you reflect on what you learned about Disney’s magic strategy in Internet Business Magic, you’ll see new purpose and strategy in using these tools.

There’s a lot here, including several ebooks and links to suppliers and partners who will help you with your website.

Less is ‘more.’ An apology, sort of. In the book, we told you we had over 800 pages of support materials. That was true. In fact, one ebook was over 500 pages long!

That’s changed, however, and that’s good news!. As technology has improved, things have become simpler. We’ve actually removed the older information, and updated the website with new information. Today, we have information that will help you do more, but there’s less to read. So you can get busy building your online business.

Other resources: