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Using Disney’s Magic Strategy in Your Own Online Business

Once upon a time, before the internet, it was hard to build and run a business. It’s much easier today, with the internet, worldwide shipping services, and credit cards.

Internet Business MagicWalt Disney died long before the internet was available for commerce. Yet, I think he would have embraced the internet, because Walt was an innovator.

Walt Disney was the first to put sound on cartoons, the first to produce a color cartoon, and the first to produce an animated feature length film. Then he created Disneyland, and started a whole new industry, theme parks. All these innovations delighted the public.

Internet Business Magic looks at the successful Disney business model, and applies it to creating a successful online business.

A relatively “skinny” book, it’s packed with concise, easy to read information that will help you design your business. Unlike any computer or business book you’ve encountered, Internet Business Magic connects the dots between a good business concept and the tools that make it possible to implement that plan online.

The book links to this website for resources to help fulfill your need for technical information and tools that change constantly. The website connection lets us keep you up to date in a way that no mere printed book can.

The book and the website are closely linked, yet each has it’s role. The book focuses on a profitable internet business strategy, and the website on technology. Either, alone, is useful. But the two, together, are worth more. Truly, it’s one of those cases where one plus one equals three.

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Will everything you do on the internet pay you handsomely if you use the information made available here? No. But if you keep creating products and keep driving traffic to your website, some things will pay a little, and a few will pay a lot. And, as you keep developing business, the revenues will grow and grow.

I earnestly wish you the best of success as you build your own profitable business web site!

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PS: Most everything I talk about here is either free or has a free trial/money back guarantee. It’s safe. No risk. Try it!